Month: November 2021


African think tanks and the challenge of reinvention for sustainability

The latest Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, which ranks think tanks from across the globe according to a set of specified criteria, features 17 African think tanks in its 2020 Top Think Tanks Worldwide (Non-US) category. The report notes that there has been an increase in excellent think tanks in Africa. However, along with several…
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Blockchain technology: A tool to accelerate free trade in Africa – Part I

Published in partnership with the African Centre for the Study of the United States (ACSUS), this series of articles is intended to create knowledge and awareness about the possibility of applying a continent-wide technology approach towards building a digitised platform for supporting Africa’s free trade. It will also examine how other efforts currently underway may assist…
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Biden, democracy, global governance, and Africa’s perspectives

The change and continuity framework Since the inauguration of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration in January 2021, Africa-US relations have been reset to pre-Donald Trump levels of engagement. What does this mean for Africa-US relations from the point of view of democracy, human rights, and governance? A germane framework for analysing relations is that of…
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The continued recurrence of U.S. police brutality against black people suggests that the discriminatory and racist mindsets that prevailed during slavery and Jim Crow segregation are still intact within American society and will need to be disrupted and dismantled through a broad range of national transitional justice processes, argues Professor Tim Murithi. And South Africa…
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Can the charter city model offer an alternative to Africa’s urban development challenges?

African cities are a complex combination of social, economic, and political landscapes with specific urban planning and management needs to keep up with the process of urbanisation. Government at both national and local levels, the process of decentralisation, investment, and the development of infrastructure, as well as new technologies, play an instrumental role in addressing…
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