Digital Diplomacy

African Digital Diplomacy Seminars Program

The concept and practice of digital diplomacy, also referred to as virtual diplomacy, e-diplomacy, mobile diplomacy, cyber
diplomacy, and networked diplomacy, was already becoming standard practice before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic….

Report of a Seminar for African Diplomats held June to August 2020

This report is about one of the first ever digital diplomacy seminar in Africa organized in 2020. It is intended to not only provide an overall view of the initiative, but also to serve as reference point for African diplomats to understand….

Breaking the ice: First Africa-US Public Diplomacy Conference

It is through public diplomacy (PD) that governments around the world are able to engage with other foreign governments and publics. The importance of public diplomacy can therefore not be gainsaid. The newly established African Centre for the Study of United States (ACSUS)….